Our staff believes that our continuance is based on RESULTS! We have licensed social workers, counselors, certified teachers and tutors on staff to help our program remain successful. A few of our sample recommendations from parents and schools are below and you can even download some from the schools below!

Parental Accolades

Please continue this mentoring program for our school. My son has had to deal with some pretty tough issues in his life and he has been in trouble in school most of his life. I am a single mother and I did not always make the best decisions. Our society needs programs like this to help boys grow up to be great men in their community!
– K.G., Pontiac MI

The RESULTS Mentoring program is a much needed resource for today’s youth. My 14 year old became troop leader and his grades have gone up, he shows respect to his elders and he has taken on more personal responsibility in the household. The RESULTS Program helped him to hone his leadership skills to his advantage. I am so thankful for this program, for it has bettered my life and my children’s life immensely. It is so appropriately named, for it truly does show RESULTS!
– A.G., Pontiac, MI

My sons loved this program. We need it back in our school because their grades were better and so was their behavior. Please support this organization as it is a great one.
– Y.B., Detroit, MI

School Accolades

Thank you for going the extra mile and sharing the good news about our student DC. Your company’s dedication has demonstrated that it is all about the students improving in their academic skills. Again Kudos!!!!
– Ms. M, DAAS – Michigan

I would like to report that Results Mentoring was our top performing SES provider this year. Of the 38 students that were assigned, 31 were under contract or 82%. The total possible of those 31 students was $37,727.00. Results ended up invoicing for $35,396.50, or at 94%. This means that you had a 94% completion rate on services provided to kids. This was the highest rate of completion of the twenty providers that serviced students in our district this year. This information was also included the AZ ADE SES Evaluation report that is required each year.
C.M.M., Glendale Elementary School District – Arizona