RESULTS Mentoring was founded by Charles Thomas Jr. Seeing the need for positive male role models in his community, as well as in the neighborhood schools, Mr. Thomas understood his responsibility to reach out to the group who had been previously ignored. RESULTS Mentoring takes pride in its record of change with at-risk students. At RESULTS, we welcome the challenge of dealing with the students that other groups run from.

RESULTS offers an extensive mentoring and monitoring program designed specifically to break young people of bad habits and negative mentalities. Young people are taught to live for the life they want to have, not the path they are on.

Our Mentoring Program allows us to physically strengthen young people and it serves as a form of discipline. It is through this program that we teach them to become One Team, One Unit, One Heartbeat! In addition to physical agility and training, they learn skilled trades that will allow them to exert negative energy into a positive manner and flourish their gifts within the community as well as etiquette training.

We also work with Probation Officers in a program designed to assist incorrigible students by allowing them to complete our program without going into the penal system. This program helps students change their lives by meeting them where they are, root causing their needs and making adjustments to their behavior.

Results Mentoring in collaboration with Connect The Dots presented our first Mentoring Trip “The Journey” in 2016. This was a week-long trip of Mentoring that included a journey to Washington DC and New York with over 40 attendees. Reaching Every Student Using Love, Training & Support – that’s Results Mentoring!