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At RESULTS, students undergo tutoring in math, science, English, language arts and reading

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Results Mentoring provides tutorial services to young people throughout the country with a goal toward fostering excellence in education

Our experienced team of educators and professionals provide small group and one-on-one tutorial service -- before, during and after school -- that complements the work students perform In class.  Our team is experienced in Common Core requirements and standardized tests.  As part of the tutorial experience, we offer diagnostic testing, daily progress monitoring, high quality learning coaches, quality instructional materials and progress reports to parents. 


Our tutors are certified teachers and highly qualified staff that provides progress reports and compilation reports to school administrators.  Our tutorial services address state aligned goals helping students to make yearly progress.

Educational Enrichment

  • Pre-tests

  • Customized learning plans

  • Weeks of tutoring in math science and English language arts with a heavy focus on reading

  • Online lessons

  • Certified teachers and highly qualified staff

  • Weekly and monthly reports provided to schools and parents

  • Post-tests

  • Physical and enrichment programs

As a preferred provider for the State of Michigan, RESULTS Mentoring has  proven that we get RESULTS for the students we serve.

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