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Redirection helps young people avoid the penal system.

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Redirection Programs focus on breaking the destructive behavior patterns of youth who are at the highest risk.

These are unfortunate times we live in with too many fatherless homes leaving mothers to struggle to raise their sons and teach them how to become a man.  RESULTS Mentoring is committed to redirecting the lives of at-risk and misguided youth.  Our Redirection Program teaches students to become One Team, One Unit, One heartbeat!  In addition to physical agility and training, students learn skilled trades that will allow them to positively redirect negative energy and use their talents in the community.  They also receive etiquette training. 

Together with our team of professionals -- psychologists, social workers and police officers -- we realize that redirection is the key to reduce the number of young people who wind up in the penal system.  We work with probation officers in a program designed to assist incorrigible students by allowing them to participate in RESULTS Mentoring without going into the penal system.  We created a Redirection Program to address anger management, re-channeling negative energy, dealing with bad behavior, along with other issues.  This program helps students change their lives by meeting them where they are, root-causing their needs and making adjustments to their behavior.

Since 1999, RESULTS Mentoring has been Reaching Every Student Using Love Training and Support.  With a firm, but fair approach, RESULTS Mentoring has a success record of impacting behavioral issues and reducing suspensions and time out of the classroom in the facilities that we serve.

Our Redirection is not a one-size fits all program.  It is a program that is tailored to the specific needs of each family we serve, empowering them by equipping them with the tools they need to succeed.

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