Welcome to the Home of RESULTS Mentoring. We are a licensed and insured Non-Profit Organization – 501c3. We are a Preferred Provider for Tutoring in the State of Michigan as part of the School Improvement Grant Funding. We help schools succeed by providing mentoring and tutorial support to the administration and staff.

We are A Power Packed Tutoring & Mentoring Program Geared to Assist Educational Facilities and Parents with At-Risk Students. We Specialize in Behavioral Issues, Ethics, Self-Esteem, Self- Respect Issues & More! We provide a comprehensive package of tutoring, mentoring, monitoring and educational services to create a better YOUTH. Our program is set apart from the rest because we use Trained and Certified Professionals as well as Peer Mentors to get the job done.

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Or to learn more about the program, please email us: info@resultsmentoring.org or call 877-378-5873

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